A Little Cartier Love

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The Cartier Love Bracelet

Who is Cartier?

Louis-François Cartier (1819-1904) is one of the oldest (1847) and most prestigious French jewellery and watch making design houses in the world. They are known for their intricately jewelled panther pieces that can be worn as a brooch, a ring, cuff, or earrings. Of course they make sought after watches like the Santos and of course their high jewellery watches which can sell for well over one million dollars. Needless to say they have many affluent clients including royalty and celebrities all over the world. Red Carpets are often spotted with Cartier diamonds and jewellery that are worth millions upon millions. Everyone wants a piece.

Cartier jewelled watches

Cartier Introduces the Love Bracelet

New York – In 1970 when love it at its prime, Cartier launches the Love themed bracelets that come complete with screwdriver to fasten to a loved one only to be taken off by the one who fastened it. A binding type of love is sure to last. Either way the bangles made entirely of gold come spotted with diamonds, completely encrusted in diamonds, or simply make a statement in yellow, pink, or white gold (and start at around $5000.00).

Cartier Love

The bracelet symbolizes more than love today, it symbolizes an iconic fashion accessory as notable as any Birkin bag and as hyped up as if you were seen at lunch with Angelina and Brad Pitt themselves. Taking a snapshot of a Love bracelet and sharing it over Instagram will undoubtedly get you hundreds of likes and a mountain of jealous comments in the tone of “I die!” and “Gimme!”

Cartier can be known for creating necklaces that are fit for the Queen herself but the Love bracelet is what everyone wants these days… Even me! Okay especially me!

What’s your favorite Love bracelet? White Gold? Rose Gold? Yellow Gold? Covered in diamonds? Leave your comments below!

Cartier Love Bangle

Images from Cartier


  1. GB says

    I would do anything, well almost… to get one of these. Just a simple plain YG one will do for me. Or maybe YG with diamonds would be nice as well. I love the simplicity and the sleekness of this bracelet. It’s so unique and instantly recognizable. It’s definitely an iconic piece. I’m totally not the high end label girl, but I’ve been lusting after these for a while now.

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