Adam Lambert Covers Jessie Ware

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And In Other Non-Justin Bieber Related News… Adam Lambert Nails Jessie Ware’s “Wildest Moments”

Like a sexy gay angel, Adam Lambert steals the show… errr… wait! Is that a rehearsal? In any case his voice was paired perfectly with his near-common off camera style (which was out of the norm for the often studded and sparkling star). His new look was casual chic and could even be described as simple . Slim fitting denim and a loose cotton crew neck dressed the American Idol runner-up but it was his shoes that got me.

Do those white boots have a heel? It wouldn’t surprise me and to be honest if any man can pull off heels… it’s Adam! I also love that he stuck with his traditional black painted nails. A staple and trademark for sure!

But what’s more, is the way he belts out that song. Did he know he was being filmed? Is he always that good?

Of course he is! don’t be a schmuck! But okay for real what shoes are those? Well you know what… Why don’t we just ask him? In fact I’m gonna send him a tweet right now to find out just which designers shoes he’s sporting. I LOVE THE! Do you think he’ll answer? I do. I think he’s THAT connected with his fans and especially his style obsessive/could be categorized as passively subtly stalkerish/in love with him fans… you know… like ME!

While I wait for the answer from him, I posted the video above so watch that a million times and I’ll wait patiently on Twitter… refreshing every 12 seconds for his tweet to come through… … … … and refresh… … … … and refresh

Marquis and Adam Lambert


Still no reply… lol he’s a busy celebrity! It’s okay…

A HUGE thank you to @DebbyinHolland and @lilybop2010 for sending what they think could be the shoes he’s wearing in the video. I am still on the fence as to which one I think it is (if either) but I SUPER appreciate the time they took to find the images below for me. If Adam doesn’t end up replying to my tweet (HUGE SAD FACE) I totally understand (CROCODILE TEARS) but at least we’ll have a good idea as to which shoes he was wearing.

Thanks to @DebbyinHolland for these images detailing what could be Adam ambert's studded Louboutin shoes. EPIC!

Thanks @lilybop2010 for this image of Adam Lambert and what could be the shoes he's wearing???

And at the end of the day, if I still can’t figure it out exactly… that’s okay because we still have that epic song sung so beautifully by Adam. Thanks guys!

Article Name
Adam Lambert Covers Jessie Ware
Mark St. James
Adam Lambert wears sick white heels and covers Jessie Ware's "Wildest Moments" then... my heart melted a little.


  1. 808glam says

    Lovely write-up… thanks! And, of course, pure heart melting vocals by the one and only… Adam Lambert! Oh, and he even inspires us women with his fashion sense! Looking forward to his next album and further live shows to attend!

  2. funbunn40 says

    Adam definitely is fashion forward, patronizing the best high end designers and loves shoes! He’s drop dead handsome, charismatic and so much fun, along with playing with his fans! Thanks for the great write up. Hope Adam sees your tweet! It’s tough with so many following him and tweeting, but sometimes you can get lucky! Adam is the whole package and I’m hopelessly addicted!

  3. says

    @funbunn40:disqus I hope he sees it too but I think I found out which shoes he was wearing! I believe they’re a pair of Christian Louboutin’s. Yet to be confirmed though, Pics to come!

  4. says

    @808glam:disqus Thanks for the comment. I’m SO not surprised he inspires women with his fierce fashion sense. “Style”, thankfully isn’t restrained by gender.

  5. says

    Okay some say Louis Vuitton, some say Christian Louboutin… The studs look consistent with those of Louboutin’s designs but at this point who the heck knows??? Thanks for the comment @disqus_iwZdOqmpJ3:disqus

  6. CAROLE10 says

    Again, thanks for the positive and true article on our Adam. Google says the boots are Christian Louboutin Aoussam SpikeStudded Boots which Adam has in black & white. We not only love him for his talent but because he’s just great human being and positive role model. Again thanks.

  7. glamity58 says

    I’m tired of just the 54 seconds. It doesn’t begin to show off his huge vocals. When will we get the rest of it? It bugs me that the Grammys (which I won’t watch) will have all these mediocre performances and Adam isn’t good enough to even give out an award. The music world sucks, but we love our Adam. Next year should be great.

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