Adrian Wu Spring 2012

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Double Slit Experiment used for inspiration behind Adrian Wu’s spring 2012 fashion collection. Matter becomes fashion particles and makes waves.

ADRIAN WU, 21 years old, fearless, bold, and possibly one of the most unique collections this season at LG Fashion Week in Toronto. His concepts are original, his construction is sound, and the silhouette pushed most peoples comfort with fashion. Unfortunately this collection was not received as well as I would have personally liked, but that seems to be the way it is… new talent is often over criticized

While the collection wasn’t the most salable, it should be applauded for its cohesiveness and originality, not to mention the fact that it was designed by a 21 year old…. at that age most guys are out partying all night and dropping out of university. Here we have a budding designer that is well on his way to becoming an internationally recognized superstar in the fashion world. All I have to say is Woot Woot!

Adrian Wu

This season’s inspiration was the double-slit experiment, (A.K.A. Young’s experiment, it demonstrates how matter and energy can display characteristics of both waves and particles). Although when I asked, Adrian said “I really don’t know anything about Quantum Physics” … lol. He went on to say it was more about the fact that I could design a collection around the concept of this. That is what is more important.

I had a chance to chat with Adian backstage after the show and was really taken back on how unassuming, charming, and ridiculous cute (in a faltering way) he was. Also he’s like a 3rd my size, huge talent, small packaging 🙂  Oh and speaking of the show, the studio presentation of the Wu’s spring 2012 incorporated a live mini orchestra, how neat is that? Right in the middle of the environment, live music and conceptual fashion, great start to any day!

Adrian Wu

On to the Chatting with Wu:

    • So tell me, what is it like being the youngest, most successful designer to show at LG Fashion Week?

Adrian Wu:


    • Yes you are!

Adrian Wu:

“Well I appreciate that, I appreciate that. But I’m just like any other 21 year old. I think that I have something to say, but I’m still learning and I’m open to learn new things.”

    • So Quantum Physics. That was a theme behind your collection…


Adrian Wu

Adrian Wu:

“But it’s something I know nothing about to be honest! But it’s the idea! It’s the idea that I can make a collection that’s inspired by that and that it’s more of an artistic expression at the same time. That is something that is really important. “

    • The Shoes… They are fantastic, larger than life, and very architectural. They totally add to and complete the looks so are those Adrian Wu?

Adrian Wu:

“Yeah I had designed that. I designed, painted that… you know, there were a lot of hours behind that.”


    • Amazing! They are the perfect extension to your collection. I loved the show, thank you for creating it!


  1. Yvette Mahé says

    Adrian Woo’s collection is amazing and quite original. I just love the gowns.

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