Alexander McQueen Fall 2014 Menswear

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A Linear Look At McQueen Fall 2014

A dark look, a dark look with a printed tee… then… BAM! One of the most intense looks I’ve seen from the men’s McQueen collection since the first men’s line after the great Lee McQueen passed himself. I hovered my mouse over the next arrow for a second, two, an hour. I can’t stop staring at this beautiful evening coat with that almost haunting grayscale face printed on the front. The coat itself appears to be made of neoprene or some other stiff fabrication but it’s the printing that has me. Even on the belt of the jacket it is consistent with the picture. Every detail is made so the face is uninterrupted. A feat that must have taken hours on the cutting table to accomplish. I can only imagine the limited number of pieces that will be made for this stunning coat.

Further into the collection were a few coats with some seam detailing that put the “line” in linear! The “edge” in edgy! The angle in mangled (in a good way) and the gorge in engorged like my budget for Fall 2014. I can’t say this without sounding like a complete ass but, I love the men’s McQueen almost more than when the main man himself was at the helm. Why is that? I wonder if Sarah Burton had always had this grandiose vision of where she wanted the menswear line to go long before the unthinkable happened?

Well whatever the case I stand by it… I love… and I mean full-on, emotionally LOVE the men’s line now. It speaks volumes about the spirit of the fashion house but more than that it is heartfelt and injects a vein of emotion into the world of drab men’s suiting and bland outerwear. Cutting through the mundane has always been something that the McQueen men’s line has always been great at and makes no apologies for shaking the boat.

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Alexander McQueen Fall 2014
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