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Caution when buying diamond jewelry

I recently received a request to review When I checked out their site and took a gander at what they had to offer, I thought it may well be a nice addition to the reviews I do here on Fashion Blog. With that in mind I selected a pair of .76 diamond studs, after all the offer was “… receiving a piece of our custom jewelry for review and to keep.” I thought it was a lovely offer.Anjolee

When they replied: “Please note, we only sell diamond and gemstone jewelry but for the purposes of a review, we would set gemstones and/or high quality cz’s, as the diamond versions can be very expensive.” This of course raised a number of red flags. Why? It’s not that I have an issue with Cubic Zirconia studs, but for the sake of the site and more importantly YOU the reader I have set out guidelines that ensure that you’ll only ever receive my honest review, obviously if a business claims to only sell top quality diamonds, then that is what I’d review.

So my response was simply: “There is a small concern I have. I cannot, and would not, review a piece of diamond jewelry”… without being able to see, and examine what it was I was reviewing. Anything less is tantamount to reviewing a fake bag and telling people I recommend the real thing; obviously, it is a question of journalist integrity. From exploring your site, I don’t think you want to be known as “the place to go for replicas”. Of course if you do want to grow you Cubic Zircon business I’d be happy to point you in the direction of some excellent reviewers. The Marquis of Fashion Inc. is committed to bringing our fans luxury designer products. To that end we have had the opportunity to work with well known jewelers, such as Tiffany & Co…. my guidelines prohibit the review of products that I have not personally sampled.”

Why am I bringing this to your attention? It’s simple: Too many of my fans have written to tell me of situations where they have been ripped off online from companies claiming to sell “top quality” and “the real thing”.  A note to clarify: I am not in any way suggesting that Anjolee would not be a good place for Diamond Jewelry (because I can’t give you an authentic review). I am simply sharing my experiences. This situation has provided an opportunity for me to tell you, my fans, what my review policy is. If I have reviewed a product – it is the real McCoy and I will let you know exactly what I think of the product.
So the moral of the story is: If you buy diamonds online: TAKE THEM TO BE APPRAISED! Getthem checked by a trusted jeweler that sells a lot of diamonds. Oh, and do a ton of research before purchasing from any retailer (online or otherwise).

Here are some great sites that can help make sure you were given what you paid for:

  • Here’s a pretty good wiki
  • Here is one of the top Diamond forums: Here
  • And the best way: Go to a Trusted Jeweler;)
As always, I got your back.


  1. Lisa Young says

    I have been shopping a diamond necklace online and found Anjolee website a good place because they can customize to my specification. I also have read many excellent reviews to give me the guarantee. I was ready to purchase it until I read your review. Your professional and honest review about Anjolee have saved me a-five-figure! I am frustrated with so many fake and dishonest reviews on the internet to mislead people. And how could Anjolee have remained in business and be a BBB accredited merchant if they sell fake diamond? This is all very confusing and would appreciate your insight.

    • Mark St. James - Marquis of Fashion says

      Hi Lisa,
      Thank you for your comment! Let me start off by saying (with emphasis) that the review covered our interaction with Anjolee. And I quote:

      “A note to clarify: I am not in any way suggesting that Anjolee would not be a good place for Diamond Jewelry (because I can’t give you an authentic review).”

      Whether or not their merchandise meets the quality and exacting standards that we and our readers have cannot be known as they would only provide stimulants for their reviews. That raises reasonable red flags for most consumers.

      You know the adage: Buyer beware. Always, always do your research, be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true (as they normally are) and seek the expert advice of well reputed local gemologist. Check out the links in the article for more info on buying a diamond.

      Cheers and happy shopping!

  2. Danny Deocampo says

    Always look for diamond necklaces with features that add to your facial appearance not take anything away from them. You should see to it that the gemstone, the necklace and the setting should be able to grab your attention in just a single glance. In case, it does not appeal to your own eyes, chances are it will not look good to other people too. So it is important that the necklace should appeal to your eyes almost immediately..;

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