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Anna Dello Russo, Totally Crazy or Amazingly stylish?

The Vogue Nippon editor with the loud colors and impressive wardrobe of haute couture and outlandish ready-to-wear clothing has always been an anomoly to me in regards to her fashion sense. Anna Dello Russo rarely wears less than two outfits per day and wears only what inspires her and what feels right for her mood at the time. I have always admired her courage to wear whatever suits her at the time and have sometimes wondered if the pieces she is wearing are too over-the-top or even fashionable at all.

Anna Dello Russo high fashion

Simple is a word I would never use to describe Dello Russo’s look. But aside from the few times I would describe her outfits as being busier than a Christmas tree on steroids, her outfits are always well put together and styled with her unique brand of style. To this Vogue editor the outfits are not for other people or the street style paparazzi’. Her inspiration comes from the details of the dresses and her personal inspiration at any given time. This can take her outfits to wild and wonderful places, or leave them delicate and clean.

Anna Dello Russo wearing white

Vogue Russia did an editorial for their September 2012 issue which featured some of the first images of her accessories collaboration collection with H&M which, as you can imagine, were ostentatious and wonderful. The image that was released showed a model wearing an Oscar de la Renta ball gown with gilded hard-top luggage set in teal and gold. There is never a dull moment with this Italian fashionista around.

Anna Dello Russo for H and M

If you decided to pick apart her looks to determine if they were styled properly (by the book); you’ll find yourself doing loops and not coming to a conclusion one way or the other. Initially, she may come across as tacky. But when you look at the individual pieces and their relation to one another you start to see this web of logic and an intense combination of current trends mixed with explosive runway theatrics and this wonderful smile that wraps the whole thing up in a bow. If that still isn’t enough for you then you just have to agree to disagree that this chika’s got mad style.

Anna Dello Russo in feathers

At the end of the day, Anna Dello Russo’s aesthetic is very much her own, and though that doesn’t jive with everyone’s tastes, that’s okay. Without style icons like Dello Russo around, we’d all be wearing boring grey and be equally as inspired. Personally I would rather wear a smile along with my wacky fashion sense than a bad attitude that complimented pedestrian fashion.

Vogue Editors Comparison

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