Balenciaga and Alexander Wang

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Alexander Wang Takes His Talent to Balenciaga

The much talked about Alexander Wang will take over the head design position at Balenciaga replacing Nicolas Ghesquiere. Early November Ghesquiere told the world he was leaving the French fashion house after a successful 15 year design streak. Not many details have been released regarding his sudden departure however there are rumors swirling the rumor mill from everything including illness, discrepancies over creative control between Nicholas and PPR Luxury Group, and other silly things. My recommendation is to not believe anything you read unless it’s directly from Ghesquiere’s mouth or another relevant source.Cristóbal Balenciaga original design

So… Wang’s skills will be put to the test while sitting at the helm of Balenciaga… not that he’ll have a problem. I feel that his casual nature and comfortable fashion will have to be challenged but everyone loves the 28 year old designer so I’m sure it won’t be a problem. I wonder what Cristóbal Balenciaga would think of the successful young design star taking over the creative reigns? Is he edgy enough?

Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga Ad

Much of the Alexander Wang’s aesthetic is soft subtly structured garments created with flowing silks, cottons, and a roll-out-of-bed feel. A traditional Balenciaga style is structured, teetering on black-tie formal at all times, and polished like a diamond. Looking at the two designers conceptually is extremely different but perhaps that’s the hope. That the feel of the collection moves more toward a more wearable style and ensnares more of the market share.

Alexander Wang Ad Campaign

As much as PPR is concerned that their brand is doing well and they are increasing their share price etc. I am hopeful that the brand keeps it’s integrity and holds true to the sharp design aesthetic that Ghesquiere and Balenciaga were so known for. It would be sad to see this avant garde line be reduced to another casual line that has lost its flash and sparkle.

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