Camo... It's Still A Thing

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“Army Print is out?” Hell No, I’m Beating this Horse To Death!

I was out shopping and saw this awesome little hoodie and picked it up for a steal! It had a touch of camouflage ( I LOVE me some camo) so I went for it. And paired with my loose plasticized drawstring pants it was a win (at least in my mind). I was actually just going to pick up a book on Hong Kong for my upcoming trip and so, stylistically speaking, I could get away with being as casual as I wanted to be. So I did.

I did have a small panic attack when I saw that I didn’t have a pair of camouflage socks to go with the outfit. I’m not talking anything super crazy just a subtle print action to complete the deal. It’s times like this that sends odd items like camo print socks, skyrocketing to the top of shopping lists. In any event I didn’t have them so I opted for good old red with white polka dots. Garish in their own way (I’m aware), I’m just not one of those fashion bloggers who can go around wearing no socks. Not my style. It just feels weird.

Hope you like the look. Expect a lot more like it… I love being comfortable and am only now realizing what that means. Don’t ask me why…

What I’m wearing:

Camo sweater by F.U.S.A.I.
Pants by Topshop
Socks by Paul Smith
Boots by Prada

Photos by Matthew St. James


  1. Halley Armstrong says

    Looking good with that hoodie, but it’s the pants that I’m really lov’in.

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