Chanel Nail Polish

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New Chanel Nail Polish video

Saskia de Brauw has been the muse of Karl Lagerfeld for a long time now and is the face of the ad campaigns for Chanel, Karl by Karl Lagerfeld, and Fendi campaigns or runway shows. All of which are directed creatively by Karl Lagerfeld. Obviously he has a musing crush on the talented Saskia.

Recently, Chanel released this video that displays the words of Coco Chanel through sign language which is appropriate seeing how Saskia has the most gorgeous colored nail polish on and a matching Chanel outfit to match. The film was sent to me this morning by T Magazine and works wonders to display the divine polish that Chanel is so known for.

Black Nail Polish

Check out the video by Chanel’s Creative Director for make-up, Peter Philips and London based filmmaker Ruth Hogben below, on Page 2

Chanel Video

Some of the fair ladies quotes were:

  • “Elegance is being equally beautiful inside and outside“
  • “Luxury is what you don’t see“
  • “A woman is only as good as the light and peace she radiates“
  • “To be irreplaceable you must be different“

Though the video wasn’t as “claw” forward as I would have hoped, the key moments of lacquered luster were definitely present and the message wasn’t lost.

Long Live Coco!

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