Christian Lacroix Men's Fall 2012 Backstage

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Behind the scenes at Christian Lacroix Men’s Fall 2012 Paris Fashion Week

I love getting quirky shots pre-runway.  Even if the collection itself isn’t all that good….which is the case this season for men’s Christian Lacroix. 

Christian Lacroix Men's Fall 2012 BackstageWhile I would politely describe the collection as “relaxed” and inspired by sportswear, what I’m really thinking is: “Wow! this might sell well during sale time over at H&M”.  No offence to H&M, I love them.  What I’m getting at is that this collection was simply sub-par for both Lacroix and head designer Sacha Walckhoff.  It seemed like the collection couldn’t make up its mind, was it supposed to be active wear?  An evolution of men’s causal?  Did he mean to make the suits taper down on the bottom and leave the jackets in limbo (neither a slim, nor relaxed cut).  What, what, what happened here.  Loved backstage, but my lips were pursed during the whole show.Christian Lacroix Men's Fall 2012 BackstageChristian Lacroix Men's Fall 2012 BackstageChristian Lacroix Men's Fall 2012 Backstage


Photos by Kuba Dabrowski


  1. Yvette Mahe says

    What is the idea or symbolism behind wearing all kinds of pins, etc. at the back of a suit jacket?

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