The Cure To Dry Lips (Video)

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Dry Cracked Lips Cure

Fight Cracked and Dry Lips With This Quick Trick

No one wants to kiss a cactus… to avoid the dreaded cacti lip analogy simply follow this two step lip application.

Step 1: Apply a generous coat of Burt’s Bees to your lips and press together making sure to coat all chapped areas.

Step 2: Apply a second coat of lip balm from “Baby Lips” which is another chap stick brand with different ingredients and a smoother consistency.

It’s that easy! You will immediately have a barrier of moisture that locks in and instantly starts to heal your lips. In about an hour you’ll already notice the diminished look of cracks and lines. If you use it overnight you’ll wake up with super soft moistened lips that are begging to be kissed.

I continued using this sometimes as little as once a day and it seriously works! I haven’t had lip dryness or any discomfort since I started. Both chap sticks are dirt cheap and will last forever. Let me put it this way… you’ll lose them before you run out of them.

I did a video tutorial showing you just how easy it is and detailed the whole thing while on vacation in Cabo San Lucas. Going from the bone chilling climate of Canada in December to the dry hot weather in Mexico was enough to crack my lips up bad and with a couple quick applications it took my lips from desert floor to glazed donut… or whatever…

I do however recommend that you drink lots of water. Water will not cure dry lips alone depending on the weather etc. but it can certainly help the healing process along and ensure you don’t get cracked dry lips again. I hope this cure to dry lips has helped you out. I know it saved me  lot of pain!

Simple Trick To Cure Dry Lips Forever

I came across this miracle chapped lips solution when I was in the cold climate of Canada during the harsh winter months. Simply apply Burt's Bees chapstick then layer that with Baby Lips lip balm and bingo no more chapped lips. I also recommend drinking a full 8 ounces of water after each application so you moisturize from within as well as on the skins surface.


  1. Toronto Fashion Blog says

    Good tip, Especially in winter. It’s so dry here! xoxox

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