Dressing for Glamily Dinner

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Adam Lambert Shoes

Adam Lambert Dresses Down for L.A. Awards Dinner

Although I’d assume that Adam Lambert dresses way down on his downtime (… not confirmed…), I find it cute that when he does decide to dress in a suit, everyone thinks he’s dressing down. Comedy! Perhaps because it seems as though he’s wearing his ‘Sunday best’ or going to a new bf’s family dinner – OR – attending the Family Equality Council’s awards dinner? Either way, his look was subtly more casual than his usual rock star garb which gives props to the man with that epic voice because, when he can, he dons hypnotic threads that makes the best of us (including me) yearn to find out the designer, the season, the cut… and finally… sometimes devastatingly… the price of each and every piece he wears.

Stilll, Adam decided to wear this sharp yet simple (and simply styled (for the most part… OMG THOSE SHOES!!!)) suit to the 2014 annual Universal City, California event. Black is always a great color on him and this look was no exception. Coming from his typical Gothic style I was actually surprised (and really excited) that he decided not to wear a black shirt midst all that black. DON’T get me wrong! All black is great… in a séance or the corporate world of Manhattan… but sometimes, it’s great to break out of the norm and toss in some color. Still I hoped for something a little more… “in your face” than that simple gray shirt. Was it because he wanted the focus to be on his epic oil slicked platform shoes? I’m pretty sure they’re Prada and I’m also pretty sure I NEED them in my closet. Like badly. But either way a cool teture is exactly what Adam needs here… that, or an in your face Tee with a phrase like “Rock On!”, or an invite like “Blow Me!”, or something distinctly Adam. Even though he’s the type of guy any mother would approve of… okay well, *most* mother’s… my mother…

Anyway… they look surprisingly like the Vernice-Oiled wingtip Prada lace ups (current season *Natch!) and what’s more, they sing you to stardom for the low price of around $800.00. But then again, the soles of the shoes Lambert’s wearing are black and the grips are jagged and look fit for an ice storm whereas the Prada’s have a transparent sole. So it begs the question… (this is quickly becoming a thing) what shoes did Adam Lambert wear?

In any event the star looked good enough to eat, but before I let you go I wanted to ask you something… IS HIS HAIR BROWN NOW? Since when did he lose the black? The last video I saw of him, it looked black… -then again it was a black and white video…

  • Brown suits him, but I miss the black.
  • What do you think of his new hair?

Also, if you know what shoes those are, leave your answer in the comments below. One lucky commenter will win a gift from me! FUN!

Here’s the video of the star studded red carpet event… just a tip, you’ll want to watch this as Darren Criss is also in the video!:

Photos by Just Jared


  1. LeelaST says

    You might try doing a little research before posting a piece like this. Any fan could tell you his hair hasn’t been “black” for years, he’s not done the Goth look for even longer, often wears suits – even while performing – and doesn’t look “cute” but fashionable and cutting edge. Just Google Adam Lambert and you’ll get all your answers. The shoes are creepers, they look like Asteroid Derby.

    • LeelaST says

      BTW Didn’t post my comment for the shoe ID “gift” – didn’t even see that below the hair Q. I’m just hoping for more accuracy and informed writing.

  2. JLE12 says

    Thanks for the great article. My mom would have loved him too!
    The shoes are from Solestruck. ;). Adam looks fantastic.

  3. PatAfan says

    OMG, you have not been paying attention. Adam’s hair hasn’t been black for ages. He did the chrome and then has been playing with various shades of brown. The last he actually named was cinnamon spice or something. He’s an ever changing vision. His jacket and shoe collection, almost all worthy to meet the President or Queen Elizabeth, has grown dramatically over the last 15 months. If Adam could charm Elizabeth Hasselhof back in his spiky hair and edgy clothes days, she would now be offering to be his mom-in-law. And, you were right, he does not shop at Target OR Macy’s, his designer duds have a hefty price tag, but he works hard and deserves them.

  4. Halley Armstrong says

    LOL! WOW, Adam Labert fans are committed! That’s sweet. I didn’t know he had brown hair either…and I thought I was fan- guess not. In fairness it looks black in A Lot of photo’s. Meh.

  5. imrah says

    Thank you for the praises for Adam Lambert. He is the best in every concept. Love & adore this sweet, kind & talented guy.

  6. Halley Armstrong says

    Imrah, you rock and I totally agree! Good publicity is great and being positive goes a long way. <3 you and <3 Adam.

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