Fashion Bloggers Are Richer Than You Think

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Top Earning Fashion Bloggers

Do All Fashion Bloggers Rake It In?

It’s all the news… Bloggers Make Millions. Seriously look it up, WWD,, New York Observer and E! Online have all done due diligence to cover the apparently shocking fact that fashion and style bloggers are raking it in. I’m sorry… but is this really new information? Blogging and especially style blogging (following an ethical code or not) have always been a straight road to wealth. Well… Assuming you’re connected, wealthy to begin with, youthful, witty, lucky, fabulous, ambitious and oh yeah… fashionable.

Sound like you? Then why are you reading and not blogging? Most likely, that hyped up list of superlatives doesn’t match many people which is why there are a handful of blogs that we’ve heard of and literally hundreds of thousands of fashion bloggers. The point? The news takes a microcosmic slice out of the blogosphere and leaves out the bigger chunk of the talented and fashionable… nobody’s.

Fashion blogging is literally for everyone. Plus sized, short, tall, thin, wide, young and old. Nothing in life can stop anyone from logging into a computer and uploading your thoughts on fashion, your passion for design or a few images of yourself wearing an outfit you love and want to share with the world. Personally I get more from subscribing to fashion blogs that aren’t what might be considered as”top tier” bloggers. They are more authentic, more honest with their opinions and dare I say less sales focused.

Getting to the top and making millions isn’t in the cards for everyone but you aren’t going to get there trying to be a big blogger. The best way to get there is to know yourself, be yourself and put it into words.

As for everyone else who isn’t interested in being a cataloging your life on a blog, I recommend going out and finding new and unexplored blogs to subscribe to and give your attention to. I guarantee you’ll be surprised by what you find.

A few good examples of awesome bloggers that I love are:
Neon Blush
Where Did You Get That
Lolo Mag
You Look Fab

Die Workwear
Four Pins

Oh and there’s this cool dude named the Marquis of Fashion or something… you might want to subscribe to him also. And tell your friends!


  1. Matthew says

    I have no doubt you’ll be one and standing along side the other top bloggers in no time! <3

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