Happy 2014

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Happy New Year

We all know it… we’ve known it for a while! 2014 is going to be the best year yet! EVER! We close the door on a fun, exciting and wonderful 2013 and look forward to a prosperous, conspicuous, vulgar, fabulous and at times overwhelming 2014. What has come is there to stay and what is to come will be like nothing you could have imagined. I say thank you to all those who have graced my life this past year, say farewell to those who have left either for good or for a short time, and say BRING IT ON to what’s in store for me this imminent year.

In the category of new friends I wanted to give a heartfelt shout out to Gary Taxali and his dear sister who have given me the gift of Canada with which I can travel the world and show my Canadian spirit in whatever country I am in.

In the chapter of friends and family that have left my life I want to say thank you and send my love to my grandpa and grandma who have exited my life in 2013. Love you always.

For everyone I have yet to meet and lands I plan on exploring in 2014, I say Hello and welcome you with excitement into my life.

But moreover I wanted to take this time to say thank you to my loving family for being there for me and for being all that you are which… is WAY more than I could ever ask for. I love you all!

I also wanted to say how proud of my personal photographer (and husband) I am for being with me all these years and utilizing your profound talent on little ole me.

Finally I wanted to send the biggest most personal message of gratitude to my readers. You’ve inspired me to keep on, to read more, to learn more, to grow more. This year has taken me from national television to New York Fashion Week and lead me to work with some of my hero’s including Michael Kors and Bill Cunningham.


What I’m Wearing

Pocket square by Gary Taxali

Tuxedo jacket by Paul Smith

Glittery shirt by Elvis Jesus

Belt by Hermes

Denim by Denizen from Levis for Target

Shoes by Prada

Sunglasses by Prada

Images by Matthew St. James


  1. Natasha Ndlovu says

    Hi ! I came across your site when I googled Anjolee diamonds. They aprroached me for a blog post and immediately was suspicious that a company with expensive jewelry would want to gift one to a blogger. Then I read your post and now I understand. Never mind the fact that the company does not fit in with what I write about (I am a Cartier girl after all), they seem a bit shady and I plan on declining thier offer.

    Natasha Ndlovu

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