Helena Bonham Carter the New Marc Jacobs Model

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Is this crazy meets genius, or genius meets genius? Well whatever it is it is fabulous.Helena Bonham Carter the New Marc Jacobs

Yes, it is true, Helena Bonham Carter is going to be the new face in the Fall Marc Jacobs ad campaign. Bonham Carter is known for her outlandish style choices at most red carpet events. She dons frizzy hair, mismatched shoes, and mixed patterns, so this marriage almost seems natural.

Jacobs is known for picking unobvious, and unsuspecting subjects to market his collections, and there is method to his madness. Just look at his sales.

So what can we expect from this next upcoming ad campaign? The early photo made public in recent days has show Bonham Carter in ‘scale’ like pink garment, contorted in a way that will make anyone study the picture for longer than 30 seconds, and mesmerizing hat. This photo makes me want to see the others!


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