How To Tie a Cravat

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8 Steps to the Perfect Cravat

I find beauty in the gentle folds and silken splendor of a well tied cravat on a man. It is intensely different than the boring old necktie and infinitely more interesting than the bow tie. Cravats come in many different fabrics such as silk, satin, linen, wool, and cotton to name a few. When the cravat is correctly styled it can be worn to formal events or late at night to a dinner party or out for a cocktail. When a gentleman wants to add a touch of elegance and class to his look the cravat is the way to go.

The cravat was initially worn in the late 1600’s but was more commonly worn all throughout the 1700’s when royals of all the European countries decided that was the “it” fashion accessory. Men would wear them while having polite conversation in waiting rooms and while dining, they would wear them to the Opera and while hunting. In fact, there wasn’t many places that gentlemen wouldn’t wear the frothy neck accessories as they completed the outfit and were proper.

Of course the cravat is available today but it seems like it is more for the men who think outside the box regarding fashion and take their style seriously. Fooling around with folds of silk may not be every man’s idea of a good time but the cravat is not for every man, it is reserved for a more discerning gentleman who likes his whisky neat and his tea pressed.

Today, it is more common to wear the necktie but for those who are not as pedestrian and like to express themselves through dress here is the eight step guide to tying the perfect cravat. Follow the steps closely and watch the magic unfold… or rather fold perfectly…

Step 1

Drape the cravat evenly around the back of your neck on the outside of your collar.

Step 2

Cross the right side (your right) over the left side.

Step 3

While holding the left side bring the right side under and up through the loop you have now created.

Step 4

Pull the Right side down over the front and smooth both pieces straight down  (the right side piece on the front should be a little shorter than the left side piece).

Step 5

Take the top piece (right side) and pull it to your right and  fold it around the back of the bottom piece (left side).

Step 6

Stick the right piece through the loop it has created from the bottom to the top.

Step 7

Pull tightly on each side creating a knot and the two pieces to point outward on either side.

Step 8

Fold both pieces inwards so they overlap and use a tie pin or lapel pin to secure the folds together where the the ends overlap. Then tuck the excess pieces under your vest or overcoat.

Now you have learnt how to tie a formal cravat and with the right tie pin you can add your own style to the already stylish neck accessory.

Cravat images from Tom Sawyer Waist Coats

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