Hunger Games Style

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Hunger Games Fashion

Hunger Games Couture

Hunger Games will be out March 23rd and will dazzle with a colorful display of couture worthy garments, futuristic designs, and detail that will wow even the most skeptic of fashion enthusiasts.

The popular fiction novels have done a wonderful job of creating a world where poverty is ever-present yet high society has reached new levels and the difference in the two worlds are unparalleled. Along with the highest of noble etiquette and social opulence come a powerful culture of cleanliness, expressive style, and new and revolutionary hair styles. The peculiar yet fanciful methods of dress help to transform the reader to a world where covering your entire body in gold leafed henna-like designs is not only acceptable but encouraged, where brown hair is the doldrums, and where dyeing your skin is the next big trend. It seems as though the styling of the people living in the Capitol (the ruling city) is a natural progression to today’s fashion here in pre-apocalyptic Earth.

Green hair used to be considered a strange thing but not in the Capitol, and it is becoming more and more popular here as well. With P¡nk being the trend setter with her avant garde pink hair, the door slid open for hair color in every spectrum in the rainbow from Lady Gaga’s green, to Nicki Minaj’s orange, and Katy Perry’s blue. Aside from hair colors the same can be said about the wear-ability of the clothes being produced in the past few decades. In the Capitol the clothes are always high fashion to the nth degree. A recent movement and popularization can be seen on the runways of Paris. Viktor and Rolf, Jean Paul Gaultier, John Galliano (Bill Gaytten), Haider Ackerman, and Iris Van Herpen are all designers who have taken fashion to new levels by exploding silhouettes, cutting holes in tulle, and turning satellite dishes into masquerade inspired face-hats. Nothing is taboo in fashion and that no holds barred method of creation leads to some very exciting creations.

Of course with any civilization this frivolous comes the loss of value in things like compassion, relationships, and life. Hence… the Hunger Games. All of this drama and high fashion wonderment will definitely make for a very entertaining 142 minutes full of fashion and fierceness.

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