Israel Bans Thin Models

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New Laws for Models in Israel

Israel’s Government has passed a law stipulating that all models used in ad campaigns or any form of media will have to provide no later than a three month old health record stating that they are over the malnourished BMI limit of 18.5. Further to that, the government has said that all ads that are photoshopped in anyway to make the models (male or female) look thinner must be explicitly stated.

This is a step in the right direction to curb the habits of models with eating disorders but it also brings up a few points of concern such as models who legitimately fall under the 18.5 BMI rate who do not have an eating disorder, and the enforcement of these checks. As the Telegraph reported “Top Israeli model Adi Neumman said she wouldn’t pass under the new rules, because her BMI was 18.3. Neumman said she ate well and exercised.” So where does this leave many other aspiring youngsters and industry professionals who fall below that mark? Unfortunately, out of a job or out of the country.

The ban doesn’t affect models that are seen in print publications or any other media coming in from outside the country rather only those sold locally. The fact that Israel is so small makes this a good place to launch the law and see how it fares. Larger fashion capitals may not be so quick to jump on board but perhaps they should.


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