John Galliano Found Guilty

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John Galliano Verdict:

After months a gossip, and front-page headline accusations, the verdict is in, John Galliano was found guilty by a Parisian Judge this morning. He was convicted of making anti-Semitic remarks at a Paris cafe months ago. So what does this mean for one this centuries most brilliant designers?

Although being found guilty of any type of crime is never good, he was not prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Instead of the $32,410.00 dollar fine and jail time of up to 6 months, Galliano was given a suspended fine of $8,415.00 and no jail time. Galliano was not present during the verdict and sentencing hearing today, and his lawyer was not surprised at the verdict at all, since the event was caught on tape (a curious happening in and onto itself).
During the trial of the scorned designer, Galliano did take the stand and did claim that he had no recollection of that evening due to his issues with addictions. Prior to the trial, Galliano spent time in Arizona and Switzerland at remote rehabilitation facilities to help him through his issues which included an addiction to alcohol, Valium, and sleeping pills.
  • “I have an addiction. I am currently undergoing treatment.”

He also opened up about the possible causes for his addictions implying that he was overworked, stressed, and was not able to mourn the loss of his friend and colleague, Steven Robinson, who passed in 2007.

While it is a relief that the trial and this ordeal is over, (in a sense) one can only hope that Galliano will be afforded the opportunities to put this sordid affair behind him.  He is after all, a talented man that cracked under pressure.

Is this justice or a poorly made example?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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