Justin Bieber Harem Pants

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What Do You Think Of Justin Bieber’s Drop Crotch Pants?

Justin Bieber, as you may have seen, wears harem pants during just about any activity including dance practice, performances, and casual walk-a-bouts. This style of pant tends to bag-out in the seat and crotch and are slim from the knees to the ankles. Many people are really against the JB’s style calling it “horrible harem pants” by Vanity Fair or when Selena Gomez says “I’ve told him!” when asked by Ellen Degeneres to pull up his pants.

The pop icon (according to his beliebers) should do whatever he wants because he looks good no matter what. But what should fashion dictate? I think it’s cute that Vanity Fair thinks Bieber should ditch the pants basically on the premise that they are “hideous.” Many others have problems with his style of pants, likely because they’d like to see more of the handsome teen sensation, But where are their facts coming from? Why should Bieber throw out his dropped crotch pants?

Bieber drop crotch pants

When I was watching the fashion shows last season (Fall 2012), the dropped crotch pant was all over the runway. The men’s and women’s trends leaned toward embracing the harem pant by not only wearing them, but by building monuments in their honor. Kanye West (who certainly isn’t my favorite person) wore them after his runway show, Elle Macpherson (model and lingerie designer) continually rocks the loose crotch, and others such as Nicole Richie and Sienne Miller also endorse the style by sporting it themselves.

But lets face it, Fall 2012 is already last season so is it weareable for Spring 2013? You bet your low hanging butt it is! From Kenzo to Haider Ackerman and Junya Watanabe to Stella McCartney the fabric was billowing and bunching as models walked down the runway. Of course, it isn’t always a good idea to wear trends that we see on the runway in our everyday lives; yet, at the end of the day… Justin is a superstar and rocks those pants.

Also the next person who compares them to MC Hammer pants deserved to watch this video on repeat for the next 2 years! The pants are clearly NOT pleated, nor are they as loose around the thighs. Also Bieber’s pants taper from the knee down while Hammer pants are tapered at the ankle.

Hammer Pants


  1. Manju G says

    LOVE all of these gorgeous Harem pants, so beautifully produced and perfect for every occasion. Such a beautiful blog you wrote.

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