Marquis of Fashion Business cards and LV Card Case

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Wow Wow WOW! So excited to have gotten my new business cards! They are epic if I do say so myself! Little bit of gold, little bit of embossed godliness, and a whole lot of contact info for ME! – the Marquis of Fashion. But that’s not all *For a special delivery system I had to get my very own, heat stamped Louis Vuitton Card Case! Holla! The card is what you’re left with… the first impression and presentation of the card is what will seal the deal.

So what do you think? Give me your comment vomit and spill your frontal lobe all over my site. Or Facebook… Or Twitter, Or all of the above!

Marquis of Fashion Card

Also show me pics of your business cards I’m dying to learn more about business cards in the fashion industry and the technologies used to create them. Actually, more specifically, show me your fashion blog cards, PR cards, Line Representative cards, Stylist cards or any other business cards that are related to the fashion industry. If you can’t tweet them or put them on Facebook E-mail them to me and I’ll post them on this post! Send your fashion business cards to

And YES you can e-mail me with anything you else you want… I mean that… Anything 😉 BWAHAHAHA! Okay maybe not anything soon I’ll be getting pics of gramps undies and how to make pickled salmon or some other rank thang. K note to followers keep it in the fashion realm then you can E-mail me with whatever you like! Love!

Count Mark St. James – Marquis of Fashion


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