Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2013 Day 5 Recap

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New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013 Day 5 Recap

First things first… day 5 was a celebration and a disaster. There were surprises in the most pleasant sense and absolute tragic messes in others. At the end of  Day 4 of New York Fashion Week the looks were a series of shimmering fabrics, lace and fringe, and bountiful patterns. However some of the patterns… were more likely to be a couch in the 70’s rather than a dress at Derek Lam.

Derek Lam… a really great designer, who, at times, falls short with the prints. This Spring 2013 collection was no different. The silhouettes were golden, the models and styling was excellent but the overall aesthetic was a blender full of bull frogs and mud. The diamond print wool was a 100% fall and the prints were 100% vintage. With the flirty prints of the season and the lighter colors that have been all over the runways, this collection definitely fell below the radar.

DVF Spring 2013

At DVF the vivid colors and bold prints took women away on a cruise and into an air-conditioned lime green wonderland with mini skirts and flowing silk blouses. A recurring color in this collection was bright white, and light topaz blue. These are better colors by a long sht than what was shown at the Derek Lam show. Not that that is a recurring theme throughout this recao but seriously… Mr. Lam… what is going on?!

Custo Barcelona Spring Summer 2013

No one could hold a light to the colors and popping materials at Custo Barcelona Spring 2013. The bright pinks and amazingly detailed prints at Custo were not only for the women but also for the men which is what I’ll talk more about on another post titled “How to dress like a rural straight man.”

DKNY Spring Summer 2013

DKNY, Catherine Malandrino, and Thakoon were obsessed with white and this was a recurring theme that I hadn’t mentioned until now but only because it is often considered the base of a collection and not the pop color however, when there is THIS uch recurring white, it is evident that it is a trend. Victoria Beckham also used white but her use of poppy red was also a severe staple in the collection.

Thakoon Spring Summer 2013

Id like to take this opportunity to mention two things about the Beckham collection… It used a pop color from a few seasons back BUT… I LOVED IT! I really loved the simplicity and the blend of black white and (I’m going to call it red so as to save face) red. Also… Cute hats.

Victoria Beckham Spring Summer 2013

Just a quick note about Catherine Malandrino, the collection looked all too similar to the Givenchy Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 couture collections… like… really similar. It is obviously only my opinion but the way the dresses draped and the jewellery was placed and well, it was strongly reminiscent. Also the colors… and the styling. And the fabrics, okay I’m done.

Catherine Malandrino SS 2013

 The Zac Posen collection was an absolute eye-drop of bliss and anyone who is anyone, would agree. The pieces were each incredibly detailed, the fabrics were appropriately chosen, and the designs were so… so… Zac. Only Reese Witherspoon knows what I mean… Oh and maybe Amber Heard.

Zac Posen Spring Summer 2013


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    I just love love love the Livestream feeds of MBFW. Some great collections!.

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