Michael Kors Fall 2013

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on the way Michael Kors Fall 2013Michael Kors A/W 2013 New York Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

arriving Michael Kors Fall 2013

Michael Kors Fall 2013

I’m not going to lie, attending the Michael Kors show in New York for Mercedes-Benz fashion Week was not only the highlight of my fashion week but being able to see the collection up close and personal only solidified my belief that Kors is both brilliant and on the ball. I say brilliant because of the way the collection was designed. From popping orange to taxi can yellow, the collection took on a life of it’s own transitioning from one look to the next.
Michael Kors Fall 2013 on set

Michael Kors Fall 2013 people

Michael Kors Fall 2013 before the show

the Michael Kors Fall 2013 show

And I’d say Kors is on the ball, because = as Jeanne Beker said, after the show: “He really knows what the Michael Kors customer wants and what they’re ready for.” To put it simply, Michael Kors seems to subtly influences his clients to not only dress fashionably but guides their evolution of style.

The show kept a  feverish passe as look after look stumped down the runway with a sense of urgency that seems native to New York.  Alarming orange knits and outerwear created a neon blur down the runway, accompanied by severe goggles that seemed fit for a futuristic raceway. The look was cool and emoted a  feeling of envy… everyone wants to have someplace to go and look as good as those models looked while getting there.

Michael Kors Fall 2013 forst look

Michael Kors Fall 2013 men's and women's

My favorite look was the camouflage dyed fur wrap. It’s plushy softness could almost be felt from my seat in third row and the way it was styled with a black leather belt heavily adorned with gold hardware and a skirt with a slit that could be zipped open to the waist was sexy and modern. Of course… I can’t forget the gloves Catherine McNeil was wearing along with this furry piece of high fashion heaven.

The handbags worn throughout the collection were mostly structured quilted satchels with pops of color on the front pocket including: yellow, blue, army green, black and white. There was an attaché that would blow your mind with an orange bottom and black quilted top flap. Amazing!

Michael Kors Fall 2013 looks

Shoes were stiletto and pointed, with thick straps around either the instep or the ankle. At times the straps were made of different colors including orange or blue but the color blocking was always balanced with an outfit generally of a different color. Matchy-matchy was not the intent but I’m sure styling them together on your own would make for a winning look.

Michael Kors Fall 2013 looks

One style of heels was made with silver elongated pyramids capped at the point. The simple addition of a highly reflective metallic made the shoes pop, that much more. Katie Kloss finished the show in a sparkling number made literally of jewel shaped sparkling clear stones that resembled diamonds. I wouldn’t doubt it if every princess in the world ordered hers directly after the show but I can tell you this… When Karlie walked out at the finally  all eyes were on her, in fact, I think I even saw Anna Wintour crack the faintest of smiles (maybe it was just a small grin…or her mouth was just dry, either way, I’d consider this a huge success). The bejeweled  dress would make disco balls everywhere jealous! The whole theater lit up with celebratory gasps and applause. The crew neck sleeveless style gown finished off with with a black peplum that hung about a foot long in the front and swooped low in the back trailing the floor as Kloss made her finale walk down the runway with wing-tipped eyes and a delicate raspberry lip.

Michael Kors Fall 2013 collection

I knew writing this review would be tough because I had to separate my excitement of attending the show from my dedication of writing an unbiased review of the collection… luckily for me, i loved the Michael Kors Fall 2013 collection and am SO excited for next season. Thank you to the Michael Kors team for inviting me to the show. It was a tremendous experience. See you next season.

Michael Kors Fall 2013 look blook
Michael Kors Fall 2013 finally

michael kors fall 2013

Photos and Gif by Mark St. James

Check out the video of the full collection:


Runway Pics:MICHAEL-KORS-Fall-2013-collection-1MICHAEL-KORS-Fall-2013-collection-2 MICHAEL-KORS-Fall-2013-collection-3 MICHAEL-KORS-Fall-2013-collection-4 MICHAEL-KORS-Fall-2013-collection-5 MICHAEL-KORS-Fall-2013-collection-6 MICHAEL-KORS-Fall-2013-collection-7 MICHAEL-KORS-Fall-2013-collection-8 MICHAEL-KORS-Fall-2013-collection-9 MICHAEL-KORS-Fall-2013-collection-10 MICHAEL-KORS-Fall-2013-collection-11 MICHAEL-KORS-Fall-2013-collection-12 MICHAEL-KORS-Fall-2013-collection-13 MICHAEL-KORS-Fall-2013-collection-14 MICHAEL-KORS-Fall-2013-collection-15 MICHAEL-KORS-Fall-2013-collection-16 MICHAEL-KORS-Fall-2013-collection-17 MICHAEL-KORS-Fall-2013-collection-18 MICHAEL-KORS-Fall-2013-collection-19 MICHAEL-KORS-Fall-2013-collection-20 MICHAEL-KORS-Fall-2013-collection-21 MICHAEL-KORS-Fall-2013-collection-22

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  1. Grace says

    You were so close to Anna Wintour you could have touched her! I’m so green with envy!!

  2. Trin says

    If they’d have handed be an invite I’d a thought they was taking a piss. You done wicked mate!

  3. Bailey says

    Wonderful to read Mark. Quality, unique photo’s, combined with a well written and yet entertaining article. Pleasure to read. I’m glad to have stumbled across your site.

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