Milan Fashion Week Street Style

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Milan Fashion Week Day 4 Emilio Pucci

MFW Spring 2013 Street Style

Milan is teeming with incredible style and beautiful people. I was perusing Vogue when I came across these amazing photos taken from their very own Phil Oh. His vision of the beauties that roam the streets of Milan’s coveted fashion week are decked out in the latest from designers such as Prada, Balenciaga, Givenchy, and Valentino. I am truly sad I wasn’t in Milan to be inspired by the people in these shots.

Please enjoy the next few images and tell me what you think of them in the comments. Which one was your favorite and why?

Milan Fashion Week Street Style

I LOVEthe jacket here. OOH and the Bag! I like the veil but I think it’s becoming a trend that people wear to get noticed. Well… it worked for her didn’t it…

Great Street Style

That Prada collection is legendary!

Beautiful red skirt

I am LOVING this red skirt on her!

Street Style against bus

Do I love the horses ot the dress..

Valentino dress

This Valentino is a stunner!

Comic pop art skirt

Fabulous pop art skirt

Givenchy handbag

Givenchy Supreme Satchel!

Okay Which one was your favorite? Go ahead pick!

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