The Perfect Designer Pet Carrier

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There Are Puppy Purses and Dog Duffles, But Those Are Just Too Official!

Serious time, what is cuter than a puppy in a purse? Nothing right? I know, I know… Paris killed it for all of us, but a pooch in a purse is still adorable. I’m of the mind that a long strapped tote bag is just what the vet ordered, preferably one lined in something washable just in case… but who makes these cute and slightly practical pet receptacles?

I know that Louis Vuitton has a Dog Carrier size 40 and 50 but those are just SO obvious and a little too much for daily use. Shopping is less practical with a massive carrier, so a tote is all it takes. I guess I should also get into the fact that not all dogs are for carrying. A Husky or a Poodle for instance, has no place in a handbag OR a retail store, and on the other hand a pomsky or a maltipoo are perfect candidates to be toted around in a tote almost anywhere you go. But with the market flooded with totes, which one would be the best for your pup? And, of all the brands out there where should you invest your hard earned pennies when considering longevity, price and durability?

 Without listing off an expected list of brands, I’m going to tell you what to look for and then you can make your own decisions. First off, make sure the straps are long enough to go over your shoulders comfortably while leaving enough room for the pooch’s head to pop out whenever someone walks by with an enticing croissant or some other sumptuously smelling baked goods. Also make sure they are stitched to the bag and reinforced with either hardware or another strong stud so the handle doesn’t break from the weight of the contents of your tote.

Another tip off that the bag may give is the fabrication. Leather is a great textile for a fashionable dog carrier but it may be out of your price range. Other man made synthetics are just as strong including canvas or coated canvas, nylon and even kevlar®. But how do you test this in the store without wrecking the merchandise? Look closely at the stitching and pay extra close detail to the edges. Look for imperfections in the sewing or inconsistencies that may lead to weakening in the structure. The last thing you want is the bottom of your bag to rip and your precious cherished canine to fall to the ground.

Finally, although leather is a luxury material, suede, nubuck and other scratch prone and stain prone leathers are an obvious poor decision, when placing a living animal in. Instead look for treated or coated leathers like patent leather or heat stamped leather (like Prada’s saffiano leather). This way they could even bite into it and not do too much damage.

With this info you can go out, and get a dog carrier with confidence. Now go be cute and show Paris how it’s done!


  1. Nimita says

    Hey thanks for sharing this post. I was thinking of buying dog carriers when i came across your post. I will keep in mind the things you suggested before buying one. Thanks a lot once again.

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