Prada Fall 2012 Womens

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Prada Fall 2012 Womens
Miuccia Prada’s Fall 2012 was a miss.

Capris and embellishments were the hot items at Prada Fall 2012. Also… very strange shoes…

The collection this season was very focused around one woman, no one seems to know her but she is fashionable, loves her Capri pants, and lives for bejewelled anything. This is an almost accurate description, but there has to be a mention of this particular woman’ love of extremely eclectic, bold patterns and embellished notions. That woman was the inspiration for this collection and the soul of the Prada runway for the Fall 2012 season. If these types of interests don’t match your own then it is likely that feelings of doubt may come bubbling up when viewing the looks.

Regardless, if the looks were pulled apart and styled tremendously different, there would definitely be more of a saleable, wearable couple pieces than a line filled with copious amounts of capris and oversized jewels sewn onto sheath dresses and long flowing… vests? Oh yes, vests! The lengths of which you have never seen. And if there was a god, never would have.

But there is one thing of gorgeous beauty that is present at all Prada shows regardless of season… the handbags. The handbags of this season were amazing, they had just the right amount of jewels, the perfect colors, and the fabrications were of the finest silks and patent leathers. It is customary that Prada also created great looking shoes but that slipped through the cracks this season along with the elegant vests. The platform shoes appeared bumpy and out of sorts, they had super tall heels and really wide platforms that seemed awkward for the models to walk in. Also every shoe was in this style, there was very little diversity in the shoe assortment which is also odd for Prada.

Speaking of odd though the beauty for this collection was all over the map. The hair was tightly pulled back and then left long on the sides like a reverse mohawk. But just when it couldn’t get any worse, they added these long nasty hair extensions in all different colors that flapped out from under the reverse Mohawk laying lifelessly on the ever-so-fabulous clothing. But that’s not all… the make-up on the girls was atrocious. It was really dark under the eye with a bright color on top. Then instead of adding bronzer or blush to the cheeks, a near white powder was used which made these petite models appear wide faced and gaunt all at the same time.

Every once in a while Prada makes mistakes and this was definitely a mistake.


  1. Yvette Mahe says

    If I was in a room with several women wearing the geometrical type patterns I think I would get dizzy!

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