Ripped Denim Q and A

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Instead of Selling You a Pair of Jeans with Facts, I’m going to Answer your Questions About Distressed Denim

Question 1 – Why Do People Wear Ripped Jeans When New Jeans Are Available?

I get this all the time, from Baby Boomers to Millenials… this might be the single most popular question when it comes to the shredded bottoms that have taken over Instagram. Truth is… it’s more about the look than anything else. Who want’s to look stuffy when cool and casual will do? Well the new “cool” is VERY casual. Think 90’s grunge… but a little less refined…

The need for the perfect ripped pair of jeans is high, whether they are new or used, getting a pair that looks just right can be tough. You don’t want to come across like Reese Witherspoon in ‘Wild’ but nor do you want to look amateur with DIY rips that look like they’re from a feral house cat. Finding a balance is like knowing when to pull out a souffle.

Question 2 – Will I Look Poor Wearing Them?

Am I right to assume you’ll be wearing these with a dirty shirt, ratchet shoes and greasy hair? Well if I am, then yes, you will look a little worse for wear. But that’s not what ripped jeans are all about. Wear a really worn pair with a tuxedo style jacket and a silk shirt and watch the compliments fly. High with low is the way to go. Never forget that.

Question 3 – Why Are They So Expensive?

No two pairs of ripped jeans are the same. Why? Because they are all hand made. They start out as perfectly new unwashed jeans… then they are pinned up in a lineup and are washed one pair at a time with a high pressure hose, sand paper and sometimes a tea bath. Earl grey of course. What does this much handiwork and caffeinated treatment mean? Hours of laborious work and a beautifully unique pair of jeans. Anyone can wear jeans out of a machine that all look the same… it takes a truly stylish guy or gal to pull off a pair of jeans with this much character.

Personally, I am still warming up to the idea of wearing a ripped at the knee jean… but I’ll cave to the pressures, I can already feel the cool air on my knee caps.


    • Mark St. James says

      Hey Jen,
      Go 7’s for all Mankind! They even have a “Women’s Curvy” section on their website catering to women up to size 34. Now keep in mind they don’t have rpped denim just yet… but they’ll probably get some in the next season or so.
      Below is the link for the current selection of Sevens in the Curvy section:
      Happy Shopping!
      Mark St. James
      Marquis of Fashion

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