Rose Gold in the Sun

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Time Stops for Gorgeous Weather Like This

There have been days over my time here in Cabo that I have literally just stopped. My mind, my work, my body just stopped. Taking in the beauty of the surroundings you’re in is so under appreciated and so easy to overlook. Today was all about taking a second to put away my phone, quit instagramming for a second and appreciate the hawks that take up residence where I’m staying. To Appreciate the heat that pelts my face and the warm breeze that cools me. And yes, even to take note of the spider that instead, of running when you get near it… jumps at you like an aggressive Mayan selling his wares.

As I write this there is literally half a dozen eagles gliding in the wind coming off the Ocean and just hovering overhead. I am the luckiest blogger that ever did live!

I think this whole experience taught me a lot about my own personal style as well. I’d like to say I’m so relaxed and easy going and that feeling translates into my personal style but it SO doesn’t. I may be smooth with life and my pace of things but I am definitely a bit of a prude when it comes to what I wear. I like three pieced suits, I like perfectly tailored denim, I can’t stand shirts that are too loose and don’t get me started on ill-fitting jackets.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the little things… petty arguments and trite problems, how many followers you have on various misc. social media platforms, and what to eat for dinner but when the sun hits I find all that melts away. For me, taking a moment and breathing in what really matters, family, friends, clothes… (okay okay clothes not so much) but it allows me to be a better person. At least… that’s the goal.

What I’m Wearing

Rose gold watch by Guess

Belt by Hermes

Denim by Denizen for Levi’s at Target

Shirt by McQ by Alexander McQueen

Sandals and sunglasses by Louis Vuitton

Images by Matthew St. James


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