Schaf Skin Care for Men

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Schaf Men’s Grooming System

Words I love to hear when talking about my skin: uncomplicated, simple, safe and effective. Add the phrase “Improve the appearance and health of men’s skin” and I’m sold! The Schaf skin care system is one I’ve been using for more than a few months and can honestly say I would endorse it even if they didn’t send me a free sample. In fact, I’m on the lookout for a place that sells it because I’m already running out of two of the four essential elements of their prescribed skin regime.

So… why do I love it?

Well the obvious reason is, it works. It surpassed my expectations when I used it to exfoliate, cleanse, moisturize and as a shaving cream. They are 98%-99% natural. This was really important to me as I have ridiculously sensitive skin and break out into… well a breakout the instant something abrasive and unnatural is applied to my skin. Call it a gift. Lastly the system is so impossibly easy to use it blows my mind. The all white containers are labelled 1, 2, 3 and 4 so you can’t botch the system.

1. Shave $20.00
Their shave cream is nearly luminescent in appearance and goes on silky smooth. It prevents niks and cuts by creating an effectively soft barrier that’s smooth enough for a woman but made for a man. Lmao. See what I did just there?
The secret? The shave cream is made with naturally derived lubricants from vegetables and coconuts. I’m just gonna say this but… the shave cream also works wonders on your nuts. You know… if you take care of business downstairs the way you should.

2. Hydrate $35.00
First thing’s first, this product does what you want it to and aside from not irritating your skin, it fights aging! It is the black knight of youth against the almighty tick tock. The plant and tree organic oils work in tandem to improve skins texture while not leaving your skin greasy looking or feeling tight and dry. I find one pump to deliver too much cream so I recommend using only a half pump but with a 100 ml bottle you can afford to use as much as needed and go ahead and cover your neck too.

3. Cleanse $22.00
I hate toning. It’s an extra step and I’ve never had time for it. The Schaf cleanser leaves you walking out of the shower (or wherever you cleanse your face) without the need to set your skin’s pH level back to where it should be. It simply feels clean and ready for moisture.
Oh, and it cleans good too!

4. Scrub $25.00
You will never look as good, as you do after you scrub all that dead skin and grime off your face. Now that being said, don’t use the scrub more than three times a week, but when you exfoliate. Be prepared for utter perfection (well, to the most of your skin’s ability) when you squirt out this epic exfoliant.
Want to take your exfoliating to the next level? Use it in conjunction with the Clarisonic exfoliating device. Ah-Maz-Ing!

In a nut shell, this is the full package deal. I recommend picking up all four products at once. That way you’re stocked up for at least six months. It’s been many months and I’m still not even close to finishing my products. Well… at least I hope not. You can’t see the contents because the design is an opaque white plastic… that’s probably the only thing I dislike about this product. That and the scrub tends to sputter out of the pump a little aggressively. But I don’t take it personally. Also apparently the airtight, airless container makes it so each pump is as fresh as the last so the product lasts longer. Well I guess I should shut my mouth then.

Anyway go to their site at and pick up the whole line today. And no… they didn’t pay me to write this. And… did I mention they are made in Canada? #AMAZE

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