Tom Ford Fall 2012

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Tom Ford Fall Winter 2012 2013

Tom Ford Tom Ford Tom Ford! Had enough Of Course You Haven’t! It’s TOM FORD! So without further ado I present to you the Complete Tom Ford Fall 2012 collection. The one that… just got released today.

Just to quickly answer your question about Gwenyth Paltrow’s cape at the Oscars… Yes it is in the look book and yes you should save your pennies to buy it!

Though it is true that the collection did not receive a standing ovation at the end… it is also true that I would have been standing and frothing at the mouth. Not just because Tom Ford was within manhandling distance but because the collection is hot hot hot. What is more is that the whole look book was made into a crazy mix match of mashed up madness and hot Ready-to-wear looks attacking your eyes sexily! Don’t live another minute of your life if you haven’t watched this Tom Ford video. Fall 2012 is in for a true treat tossed toward you by none other than Tom Ford himself. If you have ever seen him work in his studio then you know what I mean. He isn’t satisfied until his inner O.C.D. is appeased with gut wrenching perfection.

Tom Ford Fall 2012

Don’t get me wrong… he’s not cray cray, but his attention to detail and focus is likely hard to live with. Perhaps that is why he can take as many as five baths a day! Sexy and clean… now there is really no excuse not to jump under the sheets with Tommy. too far? Oh well one look at the collection and you’ll feel the same way and then tweet it to the world.

The collection speaks for itself, fur accents, diamond bibs, dark slim looks. THANK YOU Tom Ford for not including the messy over-sized coat silhouettes. Much appreciated!

Take a look at a sample of the collection, their screen shots, so please excuse the quality, video blow: 

The Full Video of the Fashion Show:


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