Tuxedo Shirt Trend

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The Glorious Tuxedo Shirt is trending for Spring 2014

Spring 2014 Men’s Shirt Trend

From Balenciaga to Viktor & Rolf, the tux shirt has graced the runways of top tier menswear designers for Spring 2014 which inevitably means I’m – in – heaven. I love the idea of a pin tucked bib catching my effervescent drool being secreted simply from gazing at the sparkling jeweled tuxedo shirt that walked the runway in Paris at Balenciaga’s presentation, or the simple-ish  midnight blue or ink black dinner shirts from John Galliano’s show. My need to be “over-dressed” sees me latching onto this trend with somewhere in the neighborhood of 1800 P.S.I. and regardless of the seasonal passing of trends… I will take this to my grave.

Alexander McQueen knew the value of a well pressed tux shirt and so help me Fashion Gods… so must you! Whether an occasion serves up champagne or brute, I encourage you to take the higher road and dial up the dapper with a trim tux shirt in traditional white (or cream as I decided to wear (Sandro – Paris)). Of course, decadent shirts aren’t sand-boxed in delicate cream and starched white, let your imagination soar by incorporating the chaotic modernism of Givenchy’s collection where the pieces looked like they could have been designed by Gilbert and George.

Imbibe the phrase: Diluting your style integrity is as consequential as lying about your marital status. I guarantee that by adhering to this, you’ll never wear a shirt that isn’t perfect for the occasion. You’ll feel excellent and therefore you’ll be a beacon of incorruptibility… at least as far as your personal style goes. You’ll also avoid a nasty divorce!

I’ve always thought of men in “Opera attire” (as I used to say as a young twerp) as exceptionally handsome and the “best a man can look”. With that in mind, showing up to work in a three piece satin trimmed tux complete with a bibbed shirt may be a little much for daily life in the office, but a little assiduity when it comes to dressing will go a long way.

Sandro Tuxedo shirt

Sandro Spring 2013 embroidered tux shirt

Balenciaga Spring 2014 menswear

John Galliano and Viktor & Rolf Spring 2014 menswear

Givenchy and McQueen Dinner Shirts for Spring 2014

[toggle title=”Image source”]Images of me taken by Matthew St. James

Runway images courtesy of corresponding fashion houses[/toggle]


  1. Yvette Mahe says

    I enjoy your writing style. Descriptive flair and good humour. Keep it up.

    • Mark St. James - Marquis of Fashion says

      Thanks Yvette,
      I really appreciate the compliment.
      Mark St. James
      Marquis of Fashion

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