West Hollywood Fur Ban

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Though we don’t need to wear fur to keep warm any more because of technology, it has certainly become a luxury and a morally objectionable topic. 
Today, the government of West Hollywood passed a law 3 to 1 that will ban the sale of furs including any garment (excluding vintage furs) made in whole or part from the pelt or skin of an animal with its hair, wool or fur. This includes fox, mink, rabbit, bear, seal or chinchilla but excludes wool sheared from sheep, furniture, and leather goods.

Wait… Did they say Furniture is fine? As well as leather goods and sheared sheep??? Why is it okay for people to wear cow fur, but mink fur which is farmed and killed the same way is not okay? Why is shearing the fur off of a goat for a shearling coat or bag any different than a chinchilla? The animal still gives it’s life for it. Why is wearing boots and belts and bags made of croc, calf, galuchat, and python fine and dandy but wearing the fur of certain animals considered an administrative offense as if September 21, 2013 in WeHo?

west hollywood ban fur

I do not agree with poaching, it is disgusting. 

I do not agree with wasting an animal for any single part whether it be the fur, fins, tongue, whatever. If it is giving it’s life it should at least be completely put to use.

Lastly, I do not agree with this law. If people choose to wear fur, they choose that. If stores sell fur to people that is good for their business and the economy. If they follow strict guidelines to ensure that the furs come from farms where the animals are treated as good or better than cows, then they are doing due diligence to provide a product to their consumers that is ethical and sustainable.

West Hollywood Fur

Telling people that they cannot buy furs will only prompt them to go elsewhere to find it. If there is nowhere else to get it  within legal parameters, then poaching will be more of a threat than it has ever been to date and we will see many breeds of animals going extinct because of a “controlled” law.

So my only question is this: If selling furs is illegal, will wearing furs be illegal next? And after furs will it be leather, and then any animal products, and why not anything organic because you know… plants feel things too! So burn the cotton and ship the wool to outer space then we can all live happily in man-made synthetics made from oil that is pumped up through the ground destroying countless other habitats and wildlife. Let’s just do that!

West Hollywood bans Fur

If any animals are treated poorly it’s cattle. They have no rights yet you rarely hear an animal activist complaining about leather. Yes lets kill the one animal that is actually a religious icon to approximately a billion Hindus! How does that make any sense?

The point is, we have too look at sustainability and realistic practices that help animals in the long run. I see ZERO problem farming animals as long as they are treated fairly and that those farms are monitored closely. Let the activists be the enforcement for animal rights and let’s make their passionate souls be the ones to set and enforce the proper treatment of animals. Then the farmers can do their thing, abide by the rules and make a living doing what all other cattle, bison, sheep, emu, lama, etc. farmers do what they do best.

West Hollywood ban Fur

One final word… can anyone say civil liberties case??

What are your thought????


  1. Fur Denier says

    Oh yes, of course! We have to slaughter the animals in nice and friendly way not in a bad. I’m absolutely youre opinion……

    • Mark St. James - Marquis of Fashion says

      Unfortunately I see no alternative to that solution. There are just too many people on this planet for us to stop eating beef or other animal products. I feel that the only solution is to approach this ethical debate with a clear head and fair practices.
      Trust me I do not like to think that an animal has to die for my lean chicken breast, but unfortunately, it does. All that I can hope for is that the chicken had a good life and was treated well while it was living.
      Yes fur is an option obviously, but what is the difference between wearing a coat made from chicken feathers of a coat made of another non-endangered animal of equal intelligence?

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