When to Wear a Belt

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So When Do You Wear a Belt?

From the research I’ve done, the answer to the age old question that seeps from the lips of men and women who fall into the category of “style conscientious,” of when to wear a belt is: whenever possible. It’s obvious why someone wouldn’t wear a belt (they’re lazy and it’s an extra step when dressing), but it’s an extra step that really makes a difference and I’m not writing this because your pants will fall off otherwise… I’m writing this under the assumption your pants fit.  A belt is as important as doing your hair, polishing your shoes, and spritzing fragrance on your neck. You don’t have to do all these things… but you also don’t have to copulate ever again.

 Being alone sucks so listen up. This is especially for the men but ladies you should hear this too. When throwing on your favorite pair of faded denim and you’re heading to the drug store for a refill of personal wipes (because toilet paper just doesn’t cut it for ya), toss on a belt. You’re probably like “why?” Well I’ll tell you why, a leather belt with a little metal buckle completes your outfit. When the store clerk is looking you over thinking… personal wipes? Really? They’ll look at a few things when giving you the judgemental once over. Your fingernails, your shoes, your watch (if you’re wearing one), and your belt.

Casual mens belts

If your nails are clean you are well kept, if your shoes are polished you are regimented, depending on the watch brand and condition they’ll pass judgement on your income, but the belt is something different altogether. The belt has stages of judgement, for instance:


If you rolled out of bed and didn’t put on a belt, it doesn’t matter how polished your shoes are it looks like you stole them. No belt means an un-organised man who is likely swimming in debt and has crumbs in his sheets. IF you are wearing one, then you passed stage one.

a mans belt


Stage 2:  what condition the belt is in? A belt is a small leather good (assuming it is leather) and requires attention and respect. An un-kept belt should be replaced immediately. The level in which a belt is mangled is directly equal to the severity of the man’s compulsion to hoard. And hoarding is as attractive as making out with a manatee.

Wear a belt or else!

STAGE three

Lastly the way the belt works with the outfit is the last stage. No… you won’t win Princess Peach at the end of this stage, however you may win the attractive check out girl. Your belt should match the tone (feeling) of the outfit. For example, wear a thick pebbled leather belt with a matte finish buckle on a pair of denim. If you are in dress pants, wear a thinner belt with a higher gloss buckle. That ensures you are matching the belt to your outfit and dressing to the scenario.

just wear a belt

Also… try to match your belt to your shoes (and handbag). Wearing a belt that stands out, cuts your body in half when people look at you and makes you look shorter. Oh and if you’re wearing brown shoes, wear a similar belt. A black belt with brown shoes is punishable by death.

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